Color Casts Got You Blue?

On a daily basis I get asked questions about how to do something in Photoshop so I thought I would share little tips and tricks that will make your editing workflow easier along the way. Today’s tip is about color casts.

Spring is coming.  With Spring comes bright colors such as pinks, blues, and yellows.  As a parent, we love seeing our little ones all dressed up in bright colors but as a photographer, those bright colors leave pesky color casts on the skin.  This quick tip will help you remove them VERY easily and quickly.  If you want to see more tips and tricks please make sure you leave a comment below with something you struggle with.

This beautiful image of Sophia is ALMOST done with the exception of one major problem:  color casts from her dress.

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To remove the color casts follow these simple steps:

(1) Hit Command J on a Mac or Control J on a PC to create a new layer
(2) Change the layers blend mode to Color

(3) Zoom into the area that needs to be corrected
(4) Option Click an area of the skin that is unaffected
(5) Change your Opacity to 100% and your Flow to 5%
(6) Slowly paint on the affected area with a soft brush until the desired effect is achieved
Here is the final image of Sophia with the color casts removed.  It took just seconds.  Happy editing!

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  • Brandy - I struggle with dull photos. I would like my photos to look bright and glossyReplyCancel

  • Tonia white - Thank you love thisReplyCancel

  • lorena - Great tip!!! thanks for sharing. & wow!! What an amazing image.ReplyCancel

  • danae - i second the dull photo comment that was made and when there is too much light. also how to edit under eye redness. my daughter naturally has very red circles under her eyes and would love to be able to remove them so it doesnt take away from the whole picture. she always looks tired because of itReplyCancel

    • Jamie Frayser - Danae,

      This trick will also help with the red circles under the eyes. 🙂 It does amazing things. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tony Zerrer - Brilliant fix! Thank you for the tip.ReplyCancel

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